About DAAPworks

DAAPworks highlights the capstone projects of each year's graduating class. These projects demonstrate a broad range of practice, creative production, and a variety of objectives. These remarkable student works reflect the latest discussions and practices evolving within each particular field of study. Projects encompass a full spectrum of application and intent —some of personal expression, others with practical/commercial applications, and many that address the societal concerns of those in need and/or marginalized. These projects are all researched, developed, and produced by the inspirational students attending the top-ranked College of Design, Architecture, Art, and Planning at the University of Cincinnati. Students from all thirteen programs at DAAP participate in this exhibit annually at the end of Spring term as part of DAAPworks.

Programs: Architecture, Art Education, Art History, Communication Design, Community Planning, Fashion Design, Fine Arts, Horticulture, Industrial Design, Interior Design, Landscape Architecture, Urban Planning, and Urban Studies

DAAPworks Poster Installation at UC DAAP

Reflection + Connection

We wanted the identity for the college for 2022 to capture the role of design, architecture, art and planning in reflecting and creating cultural connection through the meaningful work being done in these influential fields of study. Through empathetic design, public interest design, social impact design, healing arts and other work that has a positive impact on people and planet, designers, architects, artists and planners are able to make contributions to society that help build a more engaging, equitable, and inclusive future for all.

The graduates of DAAP will connect us with that future, using creativity to model a world that values all people and our collective environment. For that reason, we chose to create a form using the characters in the DAAP logo that expresses the theme and importance of cultural reflection and connection in DAAPworks.

—Julie Koch-Beinke and Mark Koch, Alternatives NYC

The 2022 Designers

Photo of Julie Koch-Beinke

Julie Koch-Beinke
Partner, Alternatives NYC

Julie is a 1982 graduate of DAAP in Graphic Design. Julie is currently Chair of the Industry Advisory Board of LIM College for the Business of Fashion in NYC, and serves on the Fashion Advisory Board of Mercado Global. She has served on the Board of Directors of the Life Sciences Foundation and the Asperger Syndrome Research Foundation International. She has also served as a volunteer in the Mentor 2 Market program at the highly acclaimed Santa Fe International Folk Art Market and was a Founding Member of the Alliance for Artisan Enterprise at the Aspen Institute.

Photo of Mark Koch

Mark Koch
Partner, Alternatives NYC

Mark is a 1982 graduate of DAAP in Industrial Design. Mark is a prolific inventor, holding numerous U.S. design and mechanical patents for products ranging from fashion accessories to medical devices. He has extensive knowledge and experience working with factories and manufacturers overseas and also holds trademarks in many product categories. He has served on the Dean’s Leadership Committee at the University of Cincinnati College of Design, Art, Architecture, and Planning and on the Board of Directors and as a Trustee of the Life Sciences Foundation and the Asperger Foundation International.

Special Thanks

Thank you for joining us for the third annual digital presentation of the DAAPworks exhibition. This will be the first year that both an in-person and digital DAAPworks will be simultaneously presented, providing opportunities locally and globally to view the outstanding work of our graduating students. These exhibitions provide the opportunity for a culminating celebration and a lasting record of the hard work and achievements of the class, demonstrating remarkable resilience to overcoming adversity in pursuit of their dreams and goals. We would like to congratulate our graduating students and wish them the best as they take the knowledge and skills that they have cultivated over the past several years into the world to create a better future. We are honored and proud to present the outstanding creative production from our talented students and are very excited to share their work with the world at large.

We would like to thank families and friends who have provided these remarkable students with the support required for success along their journey. A significant component of this support system are the professors and staff here in DAAP who have mentored and guided these students through this challenging process.

DAAPworks would not be possible without the hard work and dedication of the DAAPworks team. We greatly appreciate the generously donated 2022 branding by Julie Koch-Beinke and Mark Koch of Alternatives NYC. We would also like to thank the design and marketing team of Jerrell Francisco, Cade Walker, and Pam Rezai. The faculty representatives coordinating the four schools within DAAP were Todd Timney (SOD), Vincent Sansalone (SAID), Matt Lynch (SOA), and Leah Hollstein (SOP). Other crucial team members include Aaron Rucker (DAAPIT), Carrie Hill-Harriss (Web Designer), Dan Dugan (Facilities), Michael Everett, Emily Paolucci, Sheri Cottingim, Moira Morgan, and Sofia Brown Scanio as well as the School Directors: Wei Wang, Ed Mitchell, Danilo Palazzo, and Kate Bonansinga.

Finally, an enormous thank you goes to our Dean of DAAP, Tim Jachna, for his support, leadership, and vision.

With Gratitude,
Aaron Cowan Director, UC Art Collection, Galleries, Museum Studies, and DAAPworks Coordinator