DAAPworks 2022 School of Art Logo

Dear School of Art graduates:

Your years of training at University of Cincinnati have been shaped by powerful external forces including social unrest due to racial and economic inequities, a global pandemic political tensions that erupted in the unconscionable invasion of Ukraine by Russia, a continuingly deteriorating natural climate, and others. You have responded responsibly to these pressures in your art and scholarship. I am confident that you will continue to apply the skills of resilience and problem solving that you have begun to hone during your time at University of Cincinnati.

As you emerge into the professional world, you are well prepared to make a positive difference, to not only critique the status quo, but also to change it.

I hope that you carry with you the mission of our School:

  • to boldly change society for the better
  • to deepen your understanding of diverse viewpoints and perspectives
  • to champion a culture of inclusiveness in a sustained career in the arts.

Now and always, pay attention. Speak up. Be courageous. Overcome obstacles. Channel your energy, ideas and creativity towards the common good.

My congratulations and respect go to our 2022 Outstanding Students:

  • Sufang Lai (Bachelor of Arts in Art History)
  • Delaney McQuown (Bachelor of Fine Arts)
  • Tausha Renee Cox (Master of Arts in Art Education)
  • Charles Thacker (Master of Fine Arts)

To all of our graduates, may your successes be many.
—Kate Bonansinga, School Director, School of Art