DAAPWorks 2022 theme is "Reflection + Connection." The final students' works in the various programs in the School of Planning share some affinities with it.

The BUP and BSUS capstone students have explored how the interaction of emerging issues related to the pandemic, climate change, and technology impacts communities' physical design and social equity.

The horticulture students partnered with Cincinnati's Saint Xavier High School to develop a vision for the enhancement of their woodland school property. The goal is for students and visitors to the property to safely enjoy the space and encourage plant and wildlife diversity by active management to preserve healthy, native habitats.

The Master of Community Planning capstone has explored the use of a GIS-based community engagement platform to organize people, data, and tools through information-driven initiatives. Students worked individually or collaboratively to develop ArcGIS Hubs for different topics such as Disaster Preparedness Hub for the City of Cincinnati, Cincinnati Cancer Prevention and Control, or Cincinnati Street Trees.

The Master of Landscape Architecture capstone class has reflected on the Mill Creek watershed. Mill Creek represents an essential component of Cincinnati's industrial past and present. MLA projects consider the Mill Creek ecosystems, the added values of bike riding along the creek, and landscape changes that transformations might catalyze.

The motto of the School of Planning at the College of DAAP is "Impacting Urban Futures." Impacting Urban Futures to the faculty and the students means providing an inclusive environment, where innovation and freedom of intellectual inquiry flourish for livable and sustainable futures. We celebrate here and in the building the exhibitions of the final works of the various undergraduate and graduate programs offered by the school.

—Danilo Palazzo, School Director, School of Planning